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Read about the new features added to GlobalProtect App 5.0.4, including updates to help with Tunnel Preservation After Logoff, Automatic Launch for Captive Portal Page, Landscape Mode Support on iPads, Support for Preferred Gateways, and more. Learn more about how GlobalProtect 5.0.4 can help you maintain a positive security posture. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity!

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It has been a while since we've given you an update on what's new for the GlobalProtect app 5.0. Well, here it is!


Version 5.0.4 has been released, and there are some new features that were added that I would like to tell you about, and since it has been a while, I'll also include 5.0.3 features in case you missed them.


The following table describes the new features introduced in GlobalProtect app 5.0.4 and 5.0.3.*



Tunnel Preservation After Logoff 

On Windows 10 endpoints, GlobalProtect can now preserve the GlobalProtect tunnel after the user logs off for an administrator-configurable time. Retaining the same tunnel when a user logs out and back in enables Windows to correctly apply Group Policy Object (GPO) updates. To configure this behavior, you provide a new Preserve Tunnel on User Logoff Timeout option in the app configuration of your GlobalProtect portal. 

You can specify a range from 0 to 600 seconds. The default is 0 meaning GlobalProtect immediately disconnects the tunnel after the user logs out. 
(GlobalProtect app 5.0.4 and later releases for Windows 10)

Automatic Launch for Captive Portal Page 

To provide a seamless user experience while enforcing GlobalProtect, the GlobalProtect app can now automatically launch a captive portal page from the Wi-Fi provider when detected. For flexibility, you can choose to enable or disable the new Automatically Launch Webpage in Default Browser Upon Captive Portal Detection option in the app configuration of your GlobalProtect portal. If you choose to disable this option, the end-user must first open a browser before the captive portal page will display.
(GlobalProtect app 5.0.4 and later releases for Windows and Mac)

Landscape Mode Support on iPads

GlobalProtect app 5.0 for iOS endpoints supports landscape mode on iPads.
(GlobalProtect app 5.0.3 and later releases)

User-Initiated Pre-Logon Connection 

You can now enable end users to initiate the GlobalProtect pre-logon connection manually on Windows 10 endpoints. When you enable this option, the pre-logon connection no longer initiates as soon as the endpoint boots up. Instead, users can initiate the pre-logon connection only when their endpoint requires access to the corporate network before login.
(GlobalProtect app 5.0.3 and later releases)

Support for Preferred Gateways

For a more seamless user experience, end users can now assign and automatically connect to a preferred GlobalProtect gateway. By default, the GlobalProtect app automatically connects to the best available gateway based on the priority, source region, and response time of the configured gateways. With this enhancement, users that need to connect from a particular geographical location or access resources that are available only through a certain gateway can now automatically connect to a preferred gateway regardless of priority and response time.

(GlobalProtect app 5.0.3 and later releases for Android, Windows, and Mac; GlobalProtect app 5.0.7 and later releases for iOS)

Support for 100 Manual Gateways
To provide more gateway connection options to end users, the GlobalProtect app now supports up to 100 manual gateways.

(GlobalProtect app 5.0.3 and later releases for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux; GlobalProtect app 5.0.7 and later releases for iOS)

* - Information adopted from the GlobalProtect release notes also available in TechDocs.

More information

For more information about the GlobalProtect app, how to configure it, and lots of other features, please see the GlobalProtect™ Administrator's Guide.


For other information about GlobalProtect 5.0.4, which includes all new features, changes to default behavior, addressed issues and associated software, and content versions, please see the GlobalProtect™ App Release Notes.


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