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Palo Alto Networks is proud to announce another step toward meeting you where you are with the new Google Chrome extension to help you find answers faster than ever.



Get the Google Chrome extension for Palo Alto Networks

Too Much Information. No, I'm not talking about Duran Duran's 1993 single release but about the massive number of returned results that you get doing a Google search. To the rescue Palo Alto Networks Google Search Extension!! 


Have you ever searched for answers to your technical questions and received over a million results? I have, and I can sympathize with many of you who have experienced having to click through pages of results just to find an answer or relevant content.


Well, this is all about to change with the Google Chrome extension for Palo Alto Networks.


Now you can find answers to your questions about Palo Alto Networks technology and solutions faster than ever!


Why is this important?

This is important because a lot of times the results you get are from other sources that may not help you with your technical question. For example, if I’m searching for configuration docs about Panorama or reasons why my master device is going down and not being polled, then I would want to get information directly from the source and from the experts who know this information.


The Google Chrome extension for Palo Alto Networks gives you those answers directly from all of our digital channels, including: TechDocs, LIVEcommunity, Knowledge Base, and even white papers from our main domain,


How can this help if I have technical questions?

Technical questions about our technology solutions such as GlobalProtect, Prisma Access, Next-Generation Firewalls, Prisma Cloud, Cortex XDR, and many others can also filter you to the right information you need. For instance, looking for basic information about URL filtering will give you over 66 million results.


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