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Did you know that you can help your fellow community members by accepting solutions when a reply answers your question? Accepted solutions are a super-helpful resource in the community, and we want to make sure our members understand how this feature works! 


Accepted solutions help build knowledge in LIVEcommunity. You can mark more than one reply as a solution on your post, making it easier for others to find and giving credit to all posts/posters who contributed to solving a problem or providing information. Accepting a solution is also a nice way to give a virtual high five to other community members for sharing their knowledge!


Why Do Accepted Solutions Matter?


By marking a reply as an Accepted Solution, you contribute to a treasure trove of knowledge. You're not only saying "Thank you!" to the helpful responders, but making it easier for others with a similar question. 


Accepting solutions empowers others to discover valuable content without diving into lengthy discussions. Every time you accept a solution, you're helping surface that fix for other community members who might have the same query as you!Fig 1_Accepted-Solutions_palo-alto-networks.jpeg


How Do I Accept a Solution? 


It's simple! If a response to your discussion post helps solve your problem, simply click the "Accept As Solution " button next to the reply — or replies — that resolved your issue. 


Discussions with Accepted Solutions have a green checkmark to the left of their title, making it easy for readers to spot; plus, discussions that have been solved show first in search results. 


Fig 2_Accepted-Solutions_palo-alto-networks.jpeg


Now that you're equipped with the knowledge to embrace solutions, join the LIVEcommunity and unlock the true potential of shared wisdom! Let's achieve greatness, one solution at a time.


Thank you for being part of LIVEcommunity!


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