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If you're not already familiar with our Security Speakeasy: Behind the Scenes of Network Security YouTube playlist, it's a topical series—hosted by PAN technical experts—that covers a variety of fascinating, useful, and insightful cybersecurity-related issues. 


Here are the latest Security Speakeasy videos you may have missed.


The Evolution of the Firewall




The firewall has come along way since its first inception and evolved into the next-generation firewall. Palo Alto Networks' next-generation firewall (NGFW) combines traditional firewall with other network filtering functions, such as an application, user and in-line deep packet inspection. Learn more about the world's first ML-Powered NGFW from Palo Alto Networks by watching the video, in which Samantha Pierre, network security content marketing manager and Craig Stancill, a PAN technical marketing engineer for NGFW, discuss the evolution of the firewall and how Palo Alto Networks is leading the way. 




What is 5G Security?




All enterprises will adopt 5G one way or another, yet only nine percent report high confidence in their cybersecurity readiness for 5G. In this episode, Liia Sarjakoski, principal product marketing manager, and Steve Gonzales, systems engineering manager, discuss what  5G security is—and how to get started in taking control of the security risks in 5G environments. 



Revisiting Single-Pass Architecture in 2021



In this latest Security Speakeasy, Samantha Pierre and Craig Stancill once again sit down to discuss something specific to Palo Alto Networks: Single Pass Parallel Processing (SP3) Architecture. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls are based on this unique  architecture, which enables high-throughput, low-latency network security—even while adopting the latest security innovations and technology. 



White Paper: Single Pass Architecture


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