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We are delighted to announce the introduction of CN-Series Video Snippets.We are delighted to announce the introduction of CN-Series Video Snippets.


We are delighted to announce the introduction of CN-Series Video Snippets. This series provides short video introductions on the different facets of CN-Series, such as licensing, deployment, use cases, and new feature launches. The CN-Series Snippets YouTube Playlist launched with fourteen snippets and the CN-Series team is actively developing dozens of additional videos. If you would like to request a new snippet topic or provide feedback on an existing snippet, please contact the CN-Series product team directly at


The Palo Alto Networks CN-Series containerized firewall is the best-in-class next generation firewall purpose-built to secure the Kubernetes environment from network-based attacks. The CN-Series firewall enables network security teams to gain layer-7 visibility into Kubernetes environments, provide inline threat protection for containerized applications deployed anywhere, and dynamically scale security without compromising DevOps speed and agility. With the release of PAN-OS 10.2 Nebula CN-Series can be used to protect both containerized and non-containerized workloads via the CNF deployment mode.


To learn more about how CN-series can help you protect your containerized workloads, please watch these videos from the CN-Series Snippets YouTube Playlist:


  1. CN-Series Website
  2. CN-Series eBook
  3. CN-Series YouTube Playlist
  4. CN-Series Snippets YouTube Playlist
  5. QwikLabs Hands-on-Exercise
  6. CN-Series Snippet 1: Container Security Risks
  7. CN-Series Snippet 2: Why We Built CN-Series
  8. CN-Series Snippet 3: Architecture and Deployment
  9. CN-Series Snippet 4: Business Drivers and Use Cases
  10. CN-Series Snippet 5: East-West Layer 7 Traffic Inspection Use Case
  11. CN-Series Snippet 6: Outbound Traffic Protection Use Case
  12. CN-Series Snippet 7: Inbound Threat Prevention Use Case
  13. CN-Series Snippet 8: Licensing
  14. CN-Series Snippet 9: Supported Environments
  15. CN Series Snippet 10: What Do You Need In A Container Network Security Solution?
  16. CN Series Snippet 11: AWS Containers Anywhere
  17. CN-Series Snippet 12: Kubernetes Network Policies vs. CN-Series
  18. CN-Series Snippet 13: RedHat OpenShift Operator
  19. CN-Series Snippet 14: The Role of Network Security in Securing Containers
  20. CN-Series Snippet 15: Introduction to Kubernetes Constructs
  21. CN-Series Snippet 16: 5G Security

Thank you for tuning in!


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