Introducing Prisma Access Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)

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ADEM - Autonomous Digital Experience ManagementADEM - Autonomous Digital Experience Management


One of the main jobs of a Network Administrator is to ensure that your network is safe and secure. 

It can be difficult at times when your users are local to your network, but it is also an entirely different situation when all of your users are remote. Because of the pandemic, this is exactly the new challenge that network administrators have been facing: How to keep your network secure and safe when you may have zero IT monitoring.


That is where Prisma Access Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) fits in, and we're introducing it to help address challenges like this.


With ADEM, you are now able to have insight into remote users' networks (laptops, Wi-Fi, SaaS and internal applications, LAN's, and traffic levels) in order to help answer questions about performance.


Here are some of the benefits of the new Prisma Access ADEM add-on:

  • SASE native - This new technology is now integrated into the GlobalProtect agent and Prisma Access Cloud, thus NOT requiring any additional appliances or agents.
  • Comprehensive visibility - You will now be able to view the Endpoint, WAN, Cloud and App.
  • Segment-wise insights - You now have the ability to pinpoint the root cause of digital experience problems because you can now observe every point in the service delivery chain.

In order to help you understand more about this new feature, we have included 2 videos to explain how to log in and how to use this new feature:


Prisma Access Autonomous DEM: How to Login


Quick Tour of Prisma Access Autonomous DEM


More Info

For even more information about Prisma Access ADEM, please see the following blog that goes into more detail about this new feature:

Why Digital Experience Management is a Must Have for SASE - Palo Alto Networks Blog


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