Introducing Prisma Access Release 1.6

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Prisma Access Release 1.6Prisma Access Release 1.6

Palo Alto Networks releases Prisma Access 1.6. Learn more about the features and capabilities of Prisma Access 1.6 and how we continue to innovate on cloud-delivered new capabilities. Find answers on LIVEcommunity



Prisma Access Release 1.6 is Here!

The Prisma Access release 1.5 focused on supporting PAN-OS 9.0, brought in latency SLAs for SaaS applications, and cloud based management. 


Since then, we have been working hard on strengthening key features within Prisma Access, including delivering data loss prevention (DLP) service to release 1.6. We are excited to inform you that Prisma Access release 1.6 is available!


Follow these instructions to Activate and Install Prisma Access Cloud Services plugin 1.6 and activate these features.


This release focuses on two key areas:

  1. New enterprise DLP service
  2. Feature enhancements for Prisma Access

We are highlighting a few capabilities in this blog. For a complete list of enhancements, please refer to the Prisma Access Release Notes (Panorama Managed)



New Enterprise DLP Service  

As business communications happen over an exhausting number of web applications, the exit points for sensitive information are innumerable. DLP service in Prisma Access inspects outbound transmissions, including traffic from branch offices and mobile users. It automatically detects sensitive content, such as personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property files and regulated data and protects it from being leaked intentionally or inadvertently. DLP service helps minimize the risk of a data breach and verifiably assists in meeting data privacy and compliance requirements.


Clean Pipe Enhancements 

Prisma Access now enables intrazone redundancy in an active/backup configuration per tenant in the same compute region. QoS policies can be prioritized within an individual clean pipe tenant connection, such as setting policies for Office 365 or Windows update traffic.  


Secure Inbound Access 

With this feature, customers can use Prisma Access to provide secure inbound access over the internet to small scale applications or devices located at a site. For example, Prisma Access will securely enable application access on ports 443 and 3389 publicly. 


DNS Proxy Enhancements for Remote Networks and Mobile Users

With DNS proxy support, customers can use Prisma Access to proxy DNS requests from their remote sites. This enhancement helps customers use their internal DNS servers to resolve their internal domains and use public DNS for all other domains. For mobile users, this enhancement helps customers implement source IP based DNS policies and identify endpoints communicating with malicious domains using the source IP of the DNS requests. 


Support for Multiple BGP Peers 

This feature allows BGP peering with up to two on-premise BGP peers for dynamic failover to take place. This is available for both remote networks and service connections.


Directory Sync Integration

Prisma Access for users and remote networks can leverage Palo Alto Networks Directory Sync service to retrieve user and group information for policy enforcement.


With release 1.6, we continue to innovate on cloud-delivered Prisma Access. These new capabilities, including Data Loss Prevention will help our customers secure their network and applications, while ensuring compliance and maintaining SLAs.



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