IoT Security Update November 2022

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Palo Alto Networks November 2022 IoT Security UpdatePalo Alto Networks November 2022 IoT Security Update


Palo Alto Networks New IoT Security Features and Enhancements


Expanded support in Australia. The IoT Security app is now available as new regional cloud support in Australia for use with Cortex Data Lake or data ingestion in Australia. You can see a list of all supported regions in the IoT Security Administrator Guide, all Palo Alto Networks supported cloud regions here, and the IoT Security Privacy Datasheet to understand more.


Sort security alerts by industry. You can filter responses to the Get Security Alerts API request by the industry vertical associated with different device profiles. This lets you quickly retrieve and sort alerts for devices in verticals, such as medical and office, and assign relevant alerts to the teams responsible for different device types. For more information, see IoT Security API Reference: Security Alerts.


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For Enterprises: Dec 6, Jan 17 


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