IoT Security Update September 2021

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IoT Security Update  September 2021IoT Security Update September 2021




  • IoT Security built-in integrations launch: We now have 15+ playbook-driven third party integrations! These integrations help you unlock the true power of your existing IT and security solutions by eliminating IoT blindspots with actionable insights. Read Integrations at a Glance.




For more information, see the IoT Security Integration Guides.


Other IoT Security features released:


  • Community sharing of MDS2 docs is now available for healthcare customers.
  • IoT Security supports integration with Prisma Access in both the US and EU regions.
  • IoT Security device category names now map to the ServiceNow taxonomy for easy and accurate CMDB ingestion.
  • IoT Security generates a system alert if it detects one or more firewalls running an outdated version of App-ID.
  • There were two releases of the device dictionary file in August. On August 5, 2021 a new device dictionary was released with 5 new profiles, 5 new vendors, and 1 new model. A second new device dictionary was released on August 19, 2021 with 26 new profiles, 12 new vendors, and 2 new categories (Industrial Tool and Warehouse Equipment).




  1. Read our blog on how to unlock the power of IT and security solutions with ZERO IoT blindspots.
  2. InfoBrief: Integrations at a Glance
  3. IoT Hands-on Workshops: Sept 23 | Oct 20
  4. PANW + Forescout Joint Webinar on 9/23: Best Practices for IoT Security with Network Segmentation. Details coming soon.


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