July 5 Security Speakeasy: Debunking the Firewall Datasheet

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This week, Mohit Bhasin and Palo Alto Networks senior technical marketing manager Marcel Hoffman discuss and debunk the myth of the one-size-fits-all datasheet.


In "Security Speakeasy: Debunking the Firewall Datasheet," Hoffman talks about the importance of doing proof concept and evaluating the realistic performance of a firewall. Firewall datasheets come in different shapes and sizes, and can be misleading if they don't match your real-word uses and specifics. 


"Read the fine print, which often tells you what features were enabled, what was the traffic mix. Ask the vendor...You don't want to be in a situation when during an under attack you need a very specific security feature you haven't used before, have to enable it, and then you see that your firewall will not be able to handle the additional performance impact."

— Marcel Hoffman  


 When shopping for firewalls, you not only want to know what go beyond the datasheet with proof of concepts, but understand day-to-day administration and, yes, taking the firewall for a "test drive."


Watch the video below to learn more! You can also checkout LIVEcommunity's Next-Generation Firewall page, and find more information on datasheets and Palo Alto's NGFW after you're done. 



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