June 21 Security Speakeasy: The Critical Role of Network Security Management

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This week, Mohit Bhasin, a product marketing manager for Palo Alto Networks, sat down with systems engineer Chris Motley to talk about the importance of centralized management of network security.


Through 2025, policy misconfigurations—not firewall flaws—will remain the cause of 99% of firewall breaches and bypasses. A Network Security Management solution plays a critical role in helping organizations increase efficiency by managing security with a single pane of glass.


It's no surprise that engineers juggling the tasks of securing multiple firewalls are prone to burnout. A single, centralized solution can consolidate serial changes; instead of writing and rewriting dozens of security configurations, IT teams can activate a single network security solution. It eases the burden of network security—and saves your team time and money.


"Centralized reporting means I don't have to go to 17 devices and look for those reports—it means that I can configure one report that goes across my entire organization."

—Chris Motley


Learn more by watching the video below, and read about centralized network security management and our solution, Panorama, after you're done.




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