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Hi everyone,

In today's blog I would like to highlight a few hot topics in cybersecurity. These are discussions you may have heard about in your organization or when chatting with your colleagues in your industry. If not, then they may be food for future discussions or topics to bring up during an awkward silence. 😉


5 Cybersecurity Topics

Below you will find a select list of topics. Note that the list is not limited to these things.  Feel free to add topics that you think are important to you or warrant some extra attention or discussion.



When we work together, we are stronger. Whether you are in your first security job or you are the CSO/CISO for a large company, how you communicate with others is a key topic to talk about. And as many of us have transitioned to a more remote working environment, communication strategy is even more important. 


For example, do you have regular online team huddles just to keep in touch with your coworkers and talk about work or non-work related stuff as you would at the coffee machine at the office? Please share below how communication has changed for your team or organization.


Security Education and Training

We all learn as we get older and have more experience. We have recently heard the name, “cyber range” as a topic discussed in the industry, for one example of new concepts for training security practitioners. Cyber range training is all about keeping your teams sharp by practicing identification and response to threats. Check out the Palo Alto Networks Cyber Range page for more information.


I’d also like to recommend to you the Palo Alto Networks Education Services and they have just made available the new PCCET certification. You can even get a discount if you act soon!


Maybe you’re looking more at product independent education or training? (CISSP, CEH and IAPP come to mind.) Please share below what education or training you’re currently looking for.


Threat Intelligence and Sharing

Your organization needs to have a world-class cybersecurity “threat defense” and the processes and tools for threat detection keep growing year by year.


Intelligence sharing continues to be something that we all must do the old-fashioned way, by writing and distributing and reading the news and threat assessment reports. For this, I really recommend that you should follow our Unit 42 for the latest cybersecurity research. You can even subscribe to get our threat intelligence delivered to your inbox.


Usually one blog doesn’t cover every possible topic, so there are a couple of cybersecurity blogs I’m subscribed to. These provide a great way of sharing, informing and spreading the news on popular cybersecurity topics and events. Please share below what your go-to places are for cybersecurity information!


Professional and Workforce Development

Finding and retaining talent for the cybersecurity industry is an ongoing challenge, certainly not just recently. As the need for security grows, demand for good personnel is growing as well. Topics such as hiring best practices, retention strategies and overall questions such as, “How can we inspire and keep our employees long-term?” are among the hottest topics in cybersecurity.


The Human Element

Last but not least, I will add that humanity is a topic we might not hear discussed all the time on LIVEcommunity, but it’s the subject that lies underneath most of the topics on this list. As cybersecurity technologies grow by leaps and bounds, the threats are also growing. Underlying all the data, risks, privacy concerns, and so on is the human factor in security. If you’re reading my blogs, the abilities you have to assess or deal with cyber attacks or vulnerabilities are likely why you try to keep yourself engaged with news and information in the industry.



Thanks for taking time to read this blog.

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As mentioned above, we would like to hear from you and get your feedback. Please comment down below if you have anything to add to our list! As always we welcome all questions, comments and feedback in the comments section below.


Kiwi out!

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