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Did you know? LIVEcommunity’s Get Started area is home to a brand-new Welcome Guide that includes a featured article and 10-step tutorial for onboarding new members—so that you’re brought up to speed and can navigate LIVEcommunity like a pro in no time.


Though we’d prefer to shake your hand in person, we hope that our updated Welcome Guide is an adequate and warm invitation into our community for novice members and first-time visitors alike. If you’re new to LIVEcommunity, our revised welcome post — Welcome to LIVEcommunity! Start Here. — is meant to be a point of entry. It’s easily findable via our Get Started area and Welcome Guide board and welcomes people into the community with a brief introduction to LIVEcommunity's most-visited areas.





To the right of the featured welcome post, you’ll see a new 10-step tutorial for getting started in LIVEcommunity. This new widget is just what it sounds like: a carefully crafted guide to shepherd folks through the basics of getting started in LIVEcommunity.


The ten steps cover how to:


  1. Create an Account
  2. Build Your Profile
  3. Find Your Way Around
  4. Search
  5. Post and Reply to Discussions
  6. Recognize Accepted Solutions
  7. Manage Subscriptions and Email Notifications
  8. Engage With Cyber Elite Experts
  9. Report Inappropriate Content
  10. Contact the LIVEcommunity Team


These are the top ten things we think new members need to know to have a successful LIVE community experience. To keep things simple, we’ve also linked each action in the 10-step guide to the following one (e.g. Step 1 links to Step 2 and so on), as well as back to the Welcome Guide homepage. You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.



Our goal is to help all LIVEcommunity visitors have a positive experience—and that means finding what you’re looking for quickly and easily; having meaningful engagement with other members; and walking away with tips and tricks for navigating the community with confidence and ease.


We’re excited about this updated Welcome Guide and hope both newcomers or longtime members find it helpful. Thank you for being part of our vibrant online community! 


Got questions or feedback? Please let us know in the comments below.


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