LIVEcommunity Wins 2022 Khoros Kudos Award

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The LIVEcommunity team is pleased to announce that our community has been recognized with a 2022 Khoros Kudos Award!


Our priority is to provide you — our 200,000+ members — everything you need to make the most of your products and services. LIVEcommunity is a collaborative online community, where cybersecurity and IT professionals come together from around the world to find solutions through countless discussions, step-by-step customer journey guides, technical documentation and key resources. We blend powerful technologies, compelling content and feature-rich experiences to bring self-help resources and peer-to-peer engagement at your fingertips.


This is the first time LIVEcommunity has participated in the annual Khoros Kudos Awards! We are honored to be recognized as a  Partner for Life, which selects the top company that “has taken advantage of Khoros’ experience in innovation and partnership to align people, processes and technology to better connect with their customers in all ways.


 “LIVEcommunity gives us the tools to serve our global members,” says Cheryl Rasmussen, LIVEcommunity manager. “The peer-to-peer connections, collaboration and valuable insights help our customers create a more secure digital space for all.” 


The relationship between LIVEcommunity and Khoros can be illustrated by some important highlights from this past year, like our Customer Experience (CX) refresh—which provided a simplified user experience, enhanced self-service support, and increased engagement—and the implementation of useful tools, like Palo Alto Networks-approved and expert-approved discussion post icons; an events page; and a product catalog to enhance content organization and search optimization. 


Thank you to all of our members and contributors for making LIVEcommunity possible!


LIVEcommunity — proving that thousands of minds working together are far more powerful than a lone engineer.

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