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Read step-by-step instructions on how to get Log Forwarding for the Cloud Logging Service to an Email Server. If you have questions, LIVEcommunity has answers.




If you're using the cloud based Logging Service to collect all your device and endpoint logs, you may have already looked into log forwarding. If not, this feature is included in Logging Service, so there's no additional licenses required to benefit from sending your logs to other receivers like SIEM solutions, the SOC for incident response, or possibly internal auditing tools.


We've now added email notifications as a new means of log forwarding, here's how to enable it:


Head over to https://apps.paloaltonetworks.com/apps.


Assuming you already configured Log Forwarding, select the instance you want to update. (If you have not set up Log Forwarding just yet, check out  "Add a Log Forwarding App Instance" to do so.)


Cloud Service Application Logging Service Log Forwarding.png


Select Email > Click Add


create email profile.png


Provide a descriptive name, set the To, (if needed) BCC fields, and a legible Email Subject, and click Add to select which logs need to be forwarded.


configure email profile.png


You'll be able to select Log Vendor (e.g., Firewalls, traps, etc.) and which type of Log Type to forward.


Log Vendor and Type.png


OPTIONAL: Select which Action, Severity, Type, and/or Category you want to receive. (If no Filters are applied, all logs for that vendor and type will be forwarded.)


Action Severity Type Threat Category.png


Or you can create a custom filter.


Custom Filter.png


Click Save and Add any additional types you want to receive notifications for. Complete by clicking Save in the Email Forwarding Profile.


Completed Email Forwarding Profile.png


A test email will be sent out from noreply@cs.paloaltonetworks.com, so make sure you are able to receive it.



Here's the admin guides and release notes:

Forward Logs from the Logging Service to an Email Server

Get Started with the Log Forwarding App

Log Forwarding App Release Notes



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