Moving rules in the rulebase has never been easier

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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

This is probably a scenario familiar to many:


It's (way too) early in the morning and you're asked to quickly add a security rule for Paul as he needs to have SSH access to some remote customer devices on dynamic IPs. You haven't had your first coffee yet, so with one eye still closed, you create a rule you'll remember to delete later, give it the proper source, destination and application and hit ok. Then you notice it was created at the bottom of the security policy because you hadn't selected another rule to indicate where you wanted to have it created. Now it's at the bottom but it needs to be near the top.

Paul's new rule - at the bottom but needs to be near the top

Sleep-faced, you need to figure out how to get the rule in the right spot as it won't work if you leave it there. Luckily, there are several ways to accomplish this! Once you select the rule, the 'move' button lights up near the bottom of the policy viewer. This button allows you to move any selected rule (multiselect is available) up or down one spot, or to the top or end of the rulebase.


If you select multiple rules and select to move one up or one down, all the selected rules will be grouped and placed one spot above the highest rule when moving up and one spot below the lowest rule when moving down, or all grouped at the top or bottom if top or bottom is selected:


Multiple rules can be moved at once

The move button only lets you move a rule one line, or to the top or bottom, but doesn't provide much flexibility if you need a rule to be moved to a specific spot in your security policy. If the rulebase is not too lengthy, you can also click and drag one or multiple rules to a desired location in the rulebase.


Moving rules with the click of a button

Lastly, if your security rule is very long or you don't have a lot of wiggle room and click/drag is not an easy feat, you can still move the rule to a specific spot on the rulebase by using the rule's own move option:


Using the individual move option


Now the rule has been created and put in the right spot --  the only thing left to do is commit the policy and get a coffee!




Reaper out, getting a coffee...



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