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Did you hear? Getting smarter about cybersecurity just got easier! Our world-class education offerings here at Palo Alto Networks have been evolving, growing and improving, so that you LIVEcommunity members and other professionals around the world can receive the best information and instruction available.


We have a slew of all-new pages for you to explore, and in this blog I’ll tell you a little about each one. But PLEASE, take a few moments to click on through and explore the offerings yourselves! I promise you’ll be glad you did.


IMPACT! -- What’s Education Services All About?

Never Stop Learning with the NEW Education Services Offerings at Palo Alto NetworksNever Stop Learning with the NEW Education Services Offerings at Palo Alto Networks


Within this revamped and highly interactive section of LIVEcommunity, you can find out more about expanding your skills and knowledge through Palo Alto Networks’ world-class education and certification programs.


The new education services area includes upcoming events, discussions, articles, and resources from pages such as Digital Learning, Instructor-Led Training, Cybersecurity Academy, Certification, and Second Watch. 


After all, strengthening your networks, endpoints and clouds through security is the top priority for you. We not only get that, we also want you to succeed in helping your organization prevent successful cyberattacks.


By enabling our community members to receive up-to-the-moment and constantly refreshed education, we know you’ll be your very best when it comes time to plan, manage and maintain your organization's cybersecurity.


We’d love to hear what you think about the new updates to the Education Services area. Share your thoughts, comments, and feedback down below!


You can also join our discussion to connect with your peers and engage with the LIVEcommunity team about Education Services offerings.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Open House Time! -- Tour the New Education Services Section Now.

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