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Hello everyone,


With Cloud Managed Prisma Access, you’re using the Prisma Access app on the hub to manage and interact with your Prisma Access environment. If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access, review the Panorama Managed Prisma Access release notes instead.

Features introduced in the November release include Enterprise Authentication, Secure Access for Internet-Facing Applications, Application Tags to Safely Enable Applications with Common Attributes. See the list below for all the details.


Here are the latest features for the November release of Cloud Managed Prisma Access.

New Features in November 2020
Protect your network resources and the applications you use to do business by verifying user identities, and granting access only to legitimate users. Prisma Access now includes support for more authentication services and features so you can do just that.
Here are the highlights:
  • Support for TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, Kerberos, and MFA (SAML and local database authentication are already supported)
  • Built-in MFA vendors to choose from
  • IP address to username mapping, which is especially useful for remote networks — always know who at a remote network site is accessing business resources and sensitive data
  • If you’re using different types of authentication, you can specify the sequence in which you want Prisma Access to try each type
  • Streamlined authentication setup—everything you need to get started is in one place
Secure Access for Internet-Facing Applications
If you are hosting an internet-facing application or service in your remote network location, you can use Prisma Access to front-end that application or service and provide secure inbound access from both internal and external users over the internet.
Application Tags to Safely Enable Applications with Common Attributes
Application tags help you to safely enable a broad set of applications that share common attributes. For example, you can enable broad access for your users to web-based applications using the
Web App
tag in an application filter, or safely enable all enterprise VoIP applications using the
Enterprise VoIP
tag. Palo Alto Networks researches new and updated applications, groups those with common attributes, and delivers new and updated tags in content releases.
You can also apply your own tags and create application filters based on those tags to address your own application security requirements.


All new features have been taken from the Cloud Managed Prisma Access Release Notes page.
Make sure to check out the LIVEcommunity Prisma Access Technology page 


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