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Hello everyone,


The latest version of GlobalProtect has been updated for January 2021, and we have added some new features to help with resolving connection issues, as well as a new Endpoint security for Mac users with ARM devices and Rosetta translation.


Getting connected with GlobalProtect doesn't always work properly, and troubleshooting it isn't always as straightforward as we want, so we have added some additional features to make the error messages more simple and also to help with the logs while troubleshooting.


Please see all of the details below for the newly added features.


New GlobalProtect App 5.2.5 features*

GlobalProtect App Log Collection for Troubleshooting
To help you to quickly resolve mobile user connection, performance, and access issues for Prisma Access deployments, you can now configure the GlobalProtect app to send troubleshooting and diagnostic logs from the end user's endpoint to Cortex Data Lake for further analysis. When end users report an issue from the GlobalProtect app (upon users request), the app can generate and send an easy to read, comprehensive report to help you to quickly identify the root cause of the remote end user issue. Additionally, you can now configure the GlobalProtect app to run end-to-end diagnostic tests to probe the state and performance of the network connection and the performance of specific web applications from the remote end user’s endpoint.
Available with Content Release Version 8350-14191 or later.
Improved Connectivity Error Messages for the GlobalProtect App
To enable a better user experience, the GlobalProtect app is now updated to display improved connectivity error messages. With this change, the GlobalProtect app can now provide friendly, informative connectivity error messages to help end users resolve issues on their endpoint themselves to reduce support calls to their Help Desk professional.
GlobalProtect for ARM-Based macBooks Using Rosetta Translation
GlobalProtect now extends enterprise security protection to enable enforcement of the same next-generation firewall-based policies that are enforced within the physical perimeter to ARM devices running macOS using Rosetta translation. You can download the GlobalProtect app directly from the Apple App Store.

* - New features taken from the GlobalProtect Release Notes


More Info


For even more info on GlobalProtect, new features, default behaviors, Known and addressed issues, please see the release notes page here:

GlobalProtect App 5.2 Release Information 


For the LIVEcommunity GlobalProtect Technology resource page, please see:

GlobalProtect Resource Page



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