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As part of our continual effort to improve and expand LIVEcommunity's information to help everyone with their everyday internet security challenges, we added a new dedicated page: the Panorama technology page


This is where you'll find all Panorama-related content: discussions, blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and release notes. The page will only become more robust with resources as time goes on—and as community members like you engage and contribute! 


Where do I find the Panorama technology page?


Under the main navigation bar of select Technologies ➜ Panorama



You can get to the new Panorama page by going to Technologies > PanoramaYou can get to the new Panorama page by going to Technologies > Panorama



We aim to have our technology pages be your first—and ideally, last—stop on your journey to learn more about the Palo Alto Networks products you're using. From discussions and blogs to videos and additional resources, LIVEcommunity can help you get the most from your cybersecurity toolbox. Have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.


Check out the new LIVEcommunity Panorama technology page, or peruse all of LIVEcommunity technologies now.


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