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Once again the LIVEcommunity comes bearing gifts! By revamping and updating our pages, we want to make sure that your information needs are met and the latest and greatest news is available when you're coming back for more. Today, I'm excited to share the new Private Cloud area on LIVEcommunity's Private Cloud Technology Page.


You will find information about VM-Series on Hypervisors like ESXi, KVM, HyperV and also private cloud environments like VMware NSX-T, Nutanix, Cisco ACI and more: discussions, blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and release notes. The page will only become more robust with resources as time goes on—and as community members like you engage and contribute! 


This page will help you get started or find advanced architecture designs and other resources to help accelerate your VM-Series deployment in these environments.


Where do I find the Private Cloud technology page?

From the main navigation bar you can just hover over the Technologies menu (1) and from there you can select Private Cloud under the Cloud Security column (2).





Ideally, our technology pages will be your first and last stop on your journey to learn more about the Palo Alto Networks products you're using. From discussions and blogs to videos and additional resources, LIVEcommunity can help you get the most from your cybersecurity toolbox.


We're thrilled to have these new Private Cloud resources on LIVEcommunity and encourage you to check them out or peruse all of LIVEcommunity technologies now.


Feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas in the section below.


Thank you for taking time to read this blog.

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Kiwi out!

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