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In late March 2021, we will be introducing a new category, “real-time-detection” to the URL Filtering category list. The “real-time-detection” category will be used by customers who are beta testing the new “Advanced URL Filtering” feature. It will not be functional without a proper beta license. Please contact your account team if you wish to participate in this beta testing program.


There is no impact to customers not participating in the beta and no action required of them. 


Below is an FAQ regarding the “real-time-detection” category.


New URL Filtering Category: "Real-time-detection"New URL Filtering Category: "Real-time-detection"

I am not participating in the beta. Do I need to do anything regarding the new category?

No, nothing needs to be done if you are not participating in the beta program for this new “Advanced URL Filtering” feature. The real-time-detection category will only be functional with proper license required to enable the “Advanced URL Filtering” feature during beta.


Is the “real-time-detection” category visible across all PAN-OS versions?

Yes, real-time-detection category is visible across all PAN-OS releases. 


Am I going to see any URL Filtering log entry for this category without participating in the beta?

No, you won’t see any log entry with “real-time-detection” category since the category will not be functional without an additional license required to run the “Advanced URL Filtering” feature during beta.


When will real-time-detection category be functional?

Late March 2021 for those participating in the beta program.


What are the Palo Alto Networks test URLs for the “real-time-detection” category?

You can use the following test domains to test “real-time-detection” categories. These testing URLs are 100% benign, and have been categorized to their respective categories for testing purposes.

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