New VM-Series Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) Token-Based Licensing

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Changes in licensing Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls offer a license token pool, giving you the flexibility to license devices as you go. The ELA Administrator (ELA) role let's you share the licensing token pool with others at your company.



We have a few exciting changes when it comes to how you can license your VM-Series devices. In the past, it was confusing knowing exactly what you have and what you needed to license a new VM-Series device. In order to make things much easier, we are happy to tell you about our new token-based licensing for VMs.




The new token-based system will allow:

  • Flexibility to deploy any VM-Series models during the ELA term
  • Customer access to multiple VM-Series models in a single ELA

New Role!

A new CSP role has been created, ELA-Administrator, for the new VM-ELA token-based model.

Important Note: Existing customers who were automatically migrated to token-based multi model will need to designate an ELA administrator inside of the CSP. See VM-Series 8.1 Deployment Guide link below for details.


This new Multi-Model ELA is a 1- or 3-year comprehensive licensing agreement that will allow you to purchase the following products:

  • VM-Series firewalls
  • GlobalProtect
  • PAN-DB URL Filtering
  • Threat Prevention
  • WildFire subscriptions
  • It also includes support entitlement and a device management license for Panorama.


Rather than having to know exactly how many VM-Series devices you'll need to license, the License Token pool gives you the flexibility to license devices based on the number of tokens you have. Tokens are drawn from your account based on the value of each firewall model:

  • VM-50—10 tokens
  • VM-100—25 tokens
  • VM-300—50 tokens
  • VM-500—140 tokens
  • VM-700—300 tokens


With the ELA administrator role on the CSP, you can transfer or split the licensing tokens among other administrators who belong to different departments using their own CSP accounts. This sharing enables other administrators in your company or enterprise to deploy the VM-Series firewall on demand as long as they have tokens available in their respective CSP accounts.


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