Non-Disruptive License Upgrades for VM-Series

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Read about the Non-Disruptive License Upgrades for VM-Series. This quick read provides details on the updates made to he license upgrades made for curently deployed VM-Series firewalls. You'll also find useful links to our technical documentation. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity!


Today is just a small blog to draw your attention on a new feature.


New/Updated Features:

You can switch the license of your currently deployed VM-Series firewall, such as moving from a subscription bundle to an enterprise license agreement (ELA) and vice versa, without disrupting traffic moving through the firewall. You can also switch the license on an individual firewall or multiple firewalls simultaneously from Panorama.


Complete one of the following procedures to perform one of the following license changes:

  • Subscription bundle 1 to subscription bundle 2
  • Subscription bundle 1 or 2 to an ELA
  • Capacity license to subscription bundle or ELA

Switch a license on a standalone firewall or switch licenses on managed firewalls using Panorama. Both are possible and explained in greater detail in the documents below.


Technical Documentation (PAN-OS 8.1)

Technical Documentation (PAN-OS 9.0)


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