October VM-Series and CN-Series News

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October VM-Series and CN-Series UpdatesOctober VM-Series and CN-Series Updates



Welcome to October—and this short and sweet edition of our monthly virtual and container firewall news digest. This month you’ll find information about the latest CN-Series features, new VM-Series Azure deployment options, and ways to fine-tune HA deployments. Plus, get details about a VM-Series beta that bypasses complex templates so you can protect workloads quickly and cost-effectively in Azure.


CN-Series firewalls add more cross-environment features

We’ve added even more ways to boost your overall security posture with the industry’s first Next-Generation Firewall for Kubernetes.

  • Secure Red Hat OpenShift 4.5
  • Make the most of Kubernetes 1.17 and 1.18 qualifications


New VM-Series Azure options speed deployment

With the introduction of  Azure Auto Scale Template 1.1 you now have two new capabilities when autoscaling your VM-Series firewalls in Azure deployments:

  1. Application Insight Resource Region—in the inbound and hub templates, you can now specify the region for your Application Insight Resource.
  2. Support for Instance-Based VM-Series Model PAYG Licenses—the template has been updated to support the new Instance-Based VM-Series Model PAYG Licenses that were introduced with PAN-OS 9.1.3. See VM-Series Licenses for Public Clouds for more information on how this license type works.


Fine-tune HA deployments with VM-Series Plugin 1.0.13

Take a look at the maintenance release of VM-Series Plugin 1.0.13 for high-availability (HA) fixes you’ll want in Azure and AWS. This release addresses occasional instances of UI freezing in HA deployments on Azure and ensures that  interfaces move to the new active peer during a failover event for an HA pair deployed on AWS. We’ve also made sure user interfaces won’t show plugin mismatches after upgrading an HA pair from VM-Series Pugin 1.0.11 to 1.0.12.


Simplify VM-Series deployments in Azure with this beta

Building and operating your firewall deployments in Azure is a whole lot easier with the beta availability of “Panorama Orchestrated VM-Series Firewall Deployments in Azure”. This feature eliminates the need to manage complex templates for firewall deployments in Azure. Plus, you can use the console’s workflow to build and manage scalable scalable firewall deployments without climbing the steep curve of learning Azure networking constructs. Get information about this important productivity-enhancing beta here.


Find other recent VM-Series and CN-Series technical updates

Did you miss last September’s update digest? You can find information about improved support and deployment options, NSX and virtualization enhancements and accelerated boot time here.


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