Palo Alto Networks and Siemens Partner to Protect Critical Infrastructure

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Palo Alto Networks and Siemens have partnered to bring next-generation security to Siemens Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platforms, a stride in protecting critical infrastructure environments. 


The integration of Palo Alto Networks’ VM-Series next-generation firewall embeds machine learning (ML) to protect and prevent attacks in a scalable fashion for Siemens Ruggedcom APE1808, an industrial application hosting platform. Siemens Ruggedcom products are industrial communication and control equipment designed especially for harsh environmental conditions (think: extreme temperatures or a high level of electromagnetic interference). The product line includes switches, routers, wireless devices, cellular modems, network management software, and more. Continuous scalable hardware will now allow customers to enable and enforce consistent security policy and visibility across IT, critical OT and industrial control systems (ICS) infrastructure. 


"Critical infrastructure, such as smart utility substations, intelligent transportation systems, traffic signaling, and private broadband gateways in remote locations, is incredibly challenging to secure because the systems are highly distributed, complex and often in very harsh environments. But securing these systems is paramount as they make for high-profile targets for cyberattacks, with impacts that go beyond economic consequences," said Anand Oswal, senior vice president of Network Security for Palo Alto Networks, in a press release.


"By bringing together our Next-Generation Firewall technology with Siemens' experience in industrial control systems and unique environments, companies can protect their industrial control systems and other key infrastructure without compromising security, performance, or the ability to scale."


This partnership is an important step in preventing cyberattacks, which have only risen in their frequency and audaciousness in targeting infrastructure—including water, gas, and other organizations that operate and distribute commodities and necessities in regional, national, and even international capacities. This integration of VM-Series with Siemens Ruggedcom means further security, visibility, and control in protecting those critical infrastructures.

Read Palo Alto Networks’ press release on the Integration of VM-Series with Siemens Ruggedcom APE1800 for Critical Infrastructure, and discover more via Siemens Partner Portal Page and Siemens Integration Solution Brief.


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