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Cybersecurity is facing a serious challenge these days. With the rising number of applications, microservices, users and workloads, our digital attack surfaces have grown as well — faster than we can protect them, in fact.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions have been great to facilitate alert and log management, but still rely heavily on human intervention and aren't designed with automation in mind. Many organizations still take a long time to identify and remediate threats. Information Security Teams often do research for days or hours at best to review the different data sources after a breach to identify a root cause. The question is: If you have all the data sources to find out what happened, why did it take you several hours at best to find out what happened when you should have done it in real time?


It's clear that traditional SIEM solutions are no longer adequate to keep up with the speed and amount of threats that are coming in. 


You don't solve this by adding new features or building additional tools around the existing SIEM. You'll need to start from scratch and come up with something that's designed for very fast or even real-time reactiveness from the ground up.


Enter XSIAM — extended security intelligence and automation management. This new AI-driven platform brings threat response times from days or hours to minutes and provides a modern alternative to SIEM. It's designed with only one goal in mind: shortening the time it takes to detect incidents and responding to them. Imagine a world where security alerts from your infrastructure were organized and addressed automatically.


Cortex XSIAM enables organizations to:


  • Build an intelligent data foundation: Cortex XSIAM lets you turn widespread telemetry into an intelligent data foundation ready to power advanced analytics while allowing you to utilize data at half the cost of legacy solutions.
  • Accelerate response: Cortex XSIAM leverages the data foundation to detect new adversary tactics with self-learning cloud-delivered AI and natively automates key steps of incident investigations.
  • Outpace threats: Cortex XSIAM continuously discovers vulnerabilities through native attack surface management and as well as integrated threat intelligence from tens of thousands Palo Alto Networks customers.


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