PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Panorama

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Read about PAN-OS 9.0 Release Features: Panorama. Learn more about Access Domain Management Enhancements, Device Management Capacity Enhancement, and Master Key Deployment.



Access Domain Management Enhancements

  • Enhance access domain administration by creating a new role called "Access Domain Manager" (or Device Group and Template Admin) that acts as a superuser across an access domain.
    • Some superuser features like Panorama licensing would not be available to this role. Device Group and Template AdminDevice Group and Template Admin
  • Enhance the Add Device function to allow for pre-provisioning of devices into Device Group, Template, Log Collector Group and Access Domain.
  • Include an option to auto-push configuration to a new firewall on first connect.

Add DeviceAdd DeviceDevice AssociationDevice Association


Device Management Capacity Enhancement

  • This enhancement allows you to leverage all the benefits of centralization while utilizing the logging, reporting, device health monitoring, device deployment, and configuration management capabilities of Panorama for a larger number of firewalls.


Master Key Deployment from Panorama

  • When you need to change the default master key used to encrypt sensitive elements in the configuration, you can now deploy a master key to firewalls, Log Collectors, and WildFire appliances from Panorama.


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