PCNSE and PCNSA Now Cover PAN-OS 9.1

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PCNSE and PCNSA Now Cover PAN-OS 9.1PCNSE and PCNSA Now Cover PAN-OS 9.1

Palo Alto Networks introduced the new PCNSE and PCNSA certification exams for PAN-OS 9.1. Find new study guides information about the exams and education resources to help you prepare. Get answers on LIVEcommunity.



PCNSE and PCNSA Now Cover PAN-OS 9.1

As many of you already know, PAN-OS 9.1 was released and it includes some wonderful new features that will absolutely help you improve your security posture. With new versions comes the need to update our certification exams as well, so all of you cybersecurity professionals can rest assured that we have some updated PCNSE and PCNSA study guides for you on the way.



PCNSE Logo BadgePCNSE Logo Badge

What is PCNSE?

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification is an earned level of security engineering that allows the engineer to demonstrate they are capable of designing, deploying, configuring, maintaining and trouble-shooting the vast majority of Palo Alto Networks Operating Platform implementations.


What’s New in the PCNSE Exam?

Of course you want to know what’s new in the PCNSE exam! Like PAN-OS 9.1, the PCNSE will also include training and questions regarding SD-WAN. Secure SD-WAN provides the optimal end user experience by leveraging multiple ISP links to ensure application performance and scale capacity. Our technical documentation provides a thorough dive into SD-WAN features.


Additionally, you will likely see updated information regarding updates for Strata (Next-Generation Firewall), Panorama, Cortex XDR, Cortex Data Lake, Prisma Access, and Prisma Cloud. At Palo Alto Networks, we pride ourselves on having and implementing a growth mindset, which means that we’ve moved on from testing your knowledge on Aperture, Traps, and AutoFocus.



PCNSA Logo BadgePCNSA Logo Badge

What is PCNSA?

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) certification is a level of security engineering that shows an engineer is capable of operating Palo Alto Networks Strata (Next-Generation Firewall) to protect networks from sophisticated cyber attacks. The PCNSA replaces the (now retired) ACE exam.


What’s New in the PCNSA Exam?

What’s new is that the PCNSA exam replaces the ACE exam, which was retired in 2019. The PCNSA provides a heightened view of Palo Alto Networks firewalls, how to manage them, and technology associated with being a successful security administrator. Additionally, the PCNSA will have a new study guide to help you with all the new material and changes we’ve made. For instance, you will want to get ahead of the curve by taking EDU-210, which is Firewall 9.1 Essentials and walks you through configuration and management.


More about PCNSA and ACE

If you currently have an ACE certification, don’t worry, your certificate is still valid for 24 months from the date you received it. At that time, you will need to register to take the PCNSA exam, and that is where things get interesting because we will have reaching out to all of you brilliant ACE certificate holders and making you an offer you can’t refuse. Stay tuned for more to come on that. Obviously, the idea here is growth, so we can certainly help you out if you want to get started on studying for the PCNSE also.


For more information about the ACE retirement, please read all about it here: ACE Exam Retired In PAN-OS 9.0.


How Do I Prepare for the PCNSE and PCNSA certification exams?

As the leader in cybersecurity, we take pride in our firewall and cybersecurity education, which is why we even provide you with a practice lab to help you sharpen those firewall and network security skills. With that said, we have an abundance of resources to help you prepare to take the exams.


PCNSE Study Guide (2020) 

PCNSE Information


PCNSA Study Guide (2020) 

PCNSA Information


Courseware Overview

Beacon Education Paths (sign-in required)


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