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Phishing: the attempt to obtain sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information, etc.), by presenting oneself as a trustworthy entity.


Between January and March of 2018, Unit 42 at Palo Alto Networkshas uncovered over 4000 URLs from over 250 domains used in phishing attacks.

Over half of these domains were hosted in the United States!


Many used a generic phishing template which can target multiple different companies or organizations. In addition to the generic phishing templates, there were phishing spoof pages targeting Adobe customers, DropBox customers, Facebook users,  Google Doc users, Google Drive users and Office 365 customers.


HTTPS is thought by many to be more trustworthy, so malicious HTTPS phishing links are harder to detect. Unit 42 put additional effort into identifying and analyzing them. They found 1,010 HTTPS URLs from 46 unique domains. Certificate issuers of these 46 domains were also put under the loop.


Learn how Palo Alto Networks customers are protected.


Make sure to read the full report on the Unit 42 blog for more information and to find out how Palo Alto Networks customers are protected from these attacks!


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Credential Phishing Prevention


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