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The Prisma Access Insights app gives you a way to continuously monitor your Prisma Access environment. When an event or status requires your attention, Insights sends you alert notifications so you can quickly pinpoint issues that you can fix and so that you have visibility into the fixes the Prisma Access team is working on.


For every Prisma Access instance your organization owns, a corresponding Insights instance is available.

All Prisma Access users can access and explore Insights — all you'll need to do is visit the Hub to get started:




When you first log into Insights, you'll see a bird's-eye view of your entire environment. Multiple dashboards give you focused views of your different deployments, your alerts, and the Prisma Access infrastructure. You can adjust and toggle your view to evaluate trends over time or examine data from a different angle. Drill down for details on specific users, sites, connectioms, or Prisma Access infrastructure components.




NOTE: If you're using Panorama to manage Cloud Managed Prisma Access, you can also access Insights directly from the Panorama tab > Cloud Services > Insights


To access the Insights app, you must be assigned the required hub role. In addition, users to whom you want to send Prisma Access alert noticifations must also have a hub role that grants them access to Insights. Make sure to check out Give the Right People Access to Insights.


Insights alerts you when something is not right in your Prisma Access environment. Learn About Insights Alerts to find out about the different types of alerts (environmental alerts and upgrade notifications), to learn more on setting up alert noticifations or how to go about investigating alerts in the Insights app


Prisma Access Insights also gives you the option to choose a preferred upgrade window. Learn about the different types of Cloud Managed and Panorama Managed updates!


Be sure to check out the Prisma Access Insight TechDocs page and the Release Notes for extra information!


Need more information? We welcome you to the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Insights resource page on LIVEcommunity where you will find helpful resources about Prisma Access Insights. We encourage you to engage the community and ask questions in the Prism Access Insights discussions area.


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