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In case you missed it, the public beta for Prisma Access Insights was released about a month ago.  Check out the detailed blog from the launch here ! 


Allow me to refresh your memory:

The Prisma Access Insights application is a comprehensive service monitoring tool that provides additional visibility, proactive assistance, and capacity planning for Prisma Access customers. It offers an even better experience for network and security administrators to visually analyze the health and efficiency of their Prisma Access deployment with intuitive new dashboards and predictive analytics.


Prisma Access Insights provides three main benefits: 

  • Advanced Visibility and Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Based Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning




Additional information:


We would like to hear from you how you've experienced Prisma Access Insights so far.  Please share your thought, comments, questions in the comments section below or in the Prisma Access Insights Discussions area.


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