Prisma SD-WAN Integrated with AWS Transit Gateway Connect

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When it comes to SD-WAN, legacy solutions are falling behind. Find out how Palo Alto Networks' next-generation Prisma SD-WAN can help your organization embrace the cloud.


Simplified Branch-to-Cloud Access

Palo Alto Networks expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by integrating Prisma SD-WAN with the AWS Transit Gateway Connect. Through this integration, enterprises can take advantage of an SD-WAN solution that is uniquely positioned to securely connect branch office and SOHO users to public-cloud applications with simpler connectivity and enhanced visibility across their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC).


Cloud Adoption Needs a Next-Generation SD-WAN

With cloud adoption on the rise, enterprises are migrating an increasing number of applications, services, and infrastructure to public clouds like AWS. Customers looking to take advantage of the agility, efficiency, and scalability of the cloud are deploying Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN to capitalize on direct-to-app architectures and improve their user experience. 


Legacy SD-WAN solutions aren't cutting it for the cloud-ready digital enterprise. Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN is the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN solution that is powered by machine learning, enabling a secure cloud-delivered branch that is simple, high-performance, and cost-effective. The results? An ROI of up to 243%, simplified network operations by leveraging ML to eliminate up to 99% of network trouble tickets, and improved end-user experience by enabling a 10x increase in WAN bandwidth.


Further Automation and Simpler Operations Save Time and Reduce Costs

Prisma SD-WAN new integration with AWS Transit Gateway Connect simplifies configuration and provides advanced visibility into performance and telemetry data. This integration puts an end to complex peering relationships between Amazon Virtual Private Clouds by providing a mechanism to extend highly available and high-performance connectivity to AWS over a homogenous WAN.


Through this integration, Palo Alto Networks customers who use Prisma SD-WAN and AWS will benefit from:

  • Centralized management for their connectivity to the cloud through a single console, making WAN changes simple and flexible.
  • Fully automated connectivity from branches and data centers to AWS environments, reducing the management overhead and overall cost.
  • Simplified operations by removing the burden of operating multiple IPsec VPN connections or hairpin traffic through data centers to scale and support higher bandwidth results.
  • Greater visibility into network changes, events, and telemetry data from the partner gateway appliances via a consolidated view of all sites and connections between AWS and on-premises locations. This feature ultimately delivers the highest quality experience for all users. 


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