Prisma SD-WAN: Unified Management and Flexible Licensing for MSPs

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Branch transformation is well underway, driven by new hybrid work and digital transformation initiatives. Enterprises are fundamentally changing branch sites, leveraging them as collaboration hubs rather than primary places of work, while retailers are transforming the way they engage in-store with their customers. While these trends are fueling the demand for SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), most organizations are looking at their Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them get these projects online faster, from initial design to deployment to full-time operation and management. 


MSPs however can struggle to meet their customers’ requirements when dealing with solutions that cobble together disjointed networking and security products. Performance, visibility, and ease of integration with existing operations and business support systems are some of the key differentiators MSPs need. This is why earlier this year, Palo Alto Networks introduced Prisma SASE for MSPs, which provides a scalable multi-tenant cloud management portal solution for MSPs to fast track their enterprise digital transformation with managed SASE services. This portal, in addition to powerful open APIs and flexible licensing models, empowers MSPs with all the right tools to deliver and manage their customers’ SASE projects in a cost effective manner.


With SD-WAN being a core functional pillar of SASE, we have also recently introduced new capabilities in Prisma SD-WAN, specifically designed to help MSPs enhance their managed services with more comprehensive, integrated security and networking services to meet a wide variety of customer needs.


Empowering MSPs with Complete Visibility of Managed SD-WAN Services


One of the most common challenges MSPs are facing is having to manage customers across multiple consoles. With limited functionality and lack of end-to-end visibility, troubleshooting network issues often requires manual data aggregation and correlation.  


Prisma SASE for MSPs enables a “single pane of glass” for visibility and management. MSPs are able to centrally manage and monitor all their managed tenants, and apply security policies across mobile users and enterprise networks, including data centers, headquarters, branch and retail locations. 


Furthermore, the comprehensive SD-WAN dashboard presents an aggregate network connectivity view that allows MSP admins to get the high-level status of all their managed tenants in a single summary page and monitor the health of their networks.






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