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Palo Alto Networks is starting a new video series—hosted by technical experts—that will cover a variety of fascinating, useful, and insightful cybersecurity-related topics. 


Learn more about security topics from industry experts and gain insider's perspective with our Security Speakeasy: Behind the Scenes of Network Security series, which will cover a range of topics, including:


  • Ransomware—Learn about recent trends in ransomware; dip into the mind of threat actors and how to negotiate with them; and best practices for how to protect yourself from ransomware attacks.
  • Phishing—Phishing attacks are widely known, so why are so many of them still successful? Uncover different types of phishing attacks and the sneaky techniques used by hackers.
  • IoT security—Dive into the evolution of the IoT threat landscape and the new challenges presented in securing IoT devices.
  • DNS— DNS is one of the biggest blind spots in many organizations' security strategies. Learn how hackers misuse DNS for malicious intent.
  • High volume traffic streams—Uncover the challenges that hyperscale data centers face in identifying streams of traffic that actually need/can be inspected.  


New Security Speakeasy videos are published every Monday at 9 a.m. PDT. Subscribe to the Security Speakeasy YouTube playlist to start learning about the latest trends and topics in #cybersecurity! You can also find the videos on the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel (subscribe now!). 


You can find even more useful videos by subscribing to Palo Alto Networks' Strata channel. And don't forget to visit our Next-Generation Firewall page to stay up-to-date on new features. 


As always feedback and questions are encouraged! Please let us know in the comments what you think of this brand-new series.

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