Redefining Firewall Operations with AIOps for NGFW

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Introducing Palo Alto Network’s 10th security service, AIOps for NGFW.Introducing Palo Alto Network’s 10th security service, AIOps for NGFW.


The problem: Customers are unaware of their security posture and don’t have the product expertise to maximize utilization of security functionality or insights into misconfigurations. This leads to gaps in their security posture and puts them at a greater risk of a breach.


In addition, security teams are tasked with maintaining firewall deployments with limited resources and tools to prevent business disruptions caused by firewalls. They lack the necessary visibility into their deployment health, performance, and security posture to get ahead of business disruptions due to firewall-related errors. Once a business-disrupting incident occurs, they spend immense time and resources reacting to the situation — trying to determine the root cause — while under tremendous pressure to bring the business back online. 


Maximum security with minimum downtime: Introducing Palo Alto Networks' 10th security service, AIOps for NGFW. With the industry’s first domain-centric AIOps solution, maximize the ROI on your security investment while minimizing downtime by interpreting, predicting, and resolving problems before they become business impacting. 


What are the key benefits of using AIOps for NGFW?


  • Proactively Strengthen Security Posture: Reduce the attack surface and strengthen security posture with built-in best practices, combined with policy recommendations customized to your unique deployment. Best practice recommendations are powered by machine learning (ML) based on industry standards, security policy context and advanced telemetry data collected from all Palo Alto Networks firewalls. Proactive Best Practice Assessment (BPA) capability enables you to assess best practices on a policy before changes are committed on Panorama instead of remediating after the change has been pushed to the firewalls, saving time and preventing threats by improving security posture.
  • Proactively Resolve Firewall Disruptions: Gain insights across your deployment and reduce NGFW downtime with proactive insights to maintain optimal firewall health and performance, and keep your NGFWs running smoothly. AIOps can intelligently predict firewall health, performance, and capacity problems up to seven days in advance and provides actionable insights to resolve the predicted disruptions.
  • Unprecedented visibility across Palo Alto Networks: Get a unified view into the activity seen in your organization across applications, threats, networks, users, and security subscriptions like DNS Security, Wildfire, and DNS Security.


AIOps for NGFW 

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