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New Related Solutions in Customer Support PortalNew Related Solutions in Customer Support Portal


The Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal has a new feature that will help you find the answers you need with a new Related Solutions section that will populate after the case creation.



More Answers with Related Solution in Customer Support Portal

As part of our on-going process to improve the user experience, meeting you where you are, to provide the answers you need at the moment you need them, Palo Alto Networks is excited to present a new feature in the Customer Support Portal (CSP)—Related Solutions!


The new Related Solutions area in CSP will consider the information you enter for your case (the circumstances for seeking support) and present relevant information that has been identified as a solution based on your case details. In other words, the solutions in this section were able to help someone who sought support for a similar scenario. 


Have you ever had a problem and felt that you can’t be the only one who has had this issue? Or maybe you have, and your uniqueness has also dawned on you a unique set of never-seen-before problems with our technology, which is not likely but not unheard of. 


This is exactly why we’ve brought the new Related Solutions area forward, so you can review relevant documentation based on your case criteria. Additionally, this is also an opportunity to be sure that you filled in the case description fields completely and with as much detail as possible so that our machine learning algorithm can pick up what you put down.


Let’s take a look at what the Related Solutions area looks like and how you can find it.


When you access the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal, you will have a list of options from which to choose on the left side. One of those options will be “Support Cases.”

Customer Support Portal - Support CasesCustomer Support Portal - Support Cases


Next, your view should be of “My Cases” as shown below. If you’re familiar with this window, then you know that you have an option to see the open, closed, or all cases.


From here, select a case number from the left column.

CSP Case Information ViewCSP Case Information View


Now the case details are open, the Related Solutions area will be the first box under the Subject.

(The results in the screenshot below are samples and not from a solved case.)

CSP - Related SolutionsCSP - Related Solutions


Additional Information

Support Portal User Documentation



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