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The future of network security is here!


Since the introduction of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) back in 2019, the world of network security has changed—a lot. Legacy networking and network security architectures are lacking the efficiency required by organizations that have shifted to a more hybrid- and remote-work environment.


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to the rescue! SASE is the convergence of WAN and network security services into a single, cloud-delivered service model. 


At SASE Converge 2021, we focus on how three key themes—convergence, security, and user experience—reshape industries and help technology leaders to transform their organizations.


You don’t want to miss the Gartner session on Why SASE is Now a Strategic Imperative and How to Get Started Today”, with Neil MacDonald, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. You’ll learn how to build your new SASE strategy, including organizational structure, existing technology investments, and employee skill sets. At SASE Converge, you'll receive practical implementation recommendations to get started today.


Why attend this session?


  1. Get practical advice for implementing SASE from the creator of SASE and Gartner Vice President, Neil MacDonald.
  2. Hear real-world SASE success stories from industry leaders who have transformed their networks with SASE.
  3. Explore the future of Zero Trust with SASE, presented by Nir Zuk, Founder and CTO at Palo Alto Networks.
  4. Discover the latest technical innovations in SASE directly from Palo Alto Networks product leaders.


Register now or the on-demand session of the Premier Summit for What's Next in SASE


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