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Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a second and follow up my SD-WAN blog from 2 weeks ago: 

Introducing Next-Generation SD-WAN 

In that blog I outlined what SD-WAN features that Palo Alto Networks has been able to achieve with Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix).


At the end of that blog I told you about an online event that was going to be happening, but I didn't get to give you all of the details.. 

Well, I am back with a bunch of great information that may convince you that you may want to attend the live sessions..  


We are happy to let the world know about the World's First Next Gen SD-WAN solution. 

With CloudGenix now being part of the Palo Alto Networks family, we are able to address the three fundamental factors driving network transformation, which are: Cloud adoption, High Performance Broadband Availability and infrastructure automation.


SD-WAN event 1.jpg


Join us for this virtual event demonstrating the new features of the next-generation of SD-WAN.



This event will be happening NEXT WEEK,  Oct 7th and 8th. 

There will be 3 different event times in order to ensure that all parts of the world will be able to see this in the morning of Oct 7th and 8th.

  • Americas - October 7th 10-11am pdt
  • Europe - 8 October 10-11am bst
  • Asia - 8 October 10-11am sgt


We will have the following Featured Experts talking at this event:

  • Lee Klarich - EVP, Chief Product Officer Palo Alto Networks
  • Kumar Ramachandran - CloudGenix Founder & SVP of Products Palo Alto Networks
  • Aaron Edwards - Sr. Director, Technical Marketing Palo Alto Networks
  • Mike Korenbaum - Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing Palo Alto Networks
  • Adam Rasner - VP Technilogy Operations AutoNation


SD-WAN event agenda.jpg


Register today and receive your bonus resource kit to get a head start with next-gen SD-WAN.


Head on over to the Event Page to read even more info and to register!

Introducing Next-generation SD-WAN Online Event


Don't miss it!!


Thanks for taking time to read my blog.
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Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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