Securing Remote Workloads from On-Prem to Cloud

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"Securing Remote Workloads from On-Prem to the Cloud" presented by David Cumbow, Derek Bergman, Darren Rogers, and Gabe Schuyler"Securing Remote Workloads from On-Prem to the Cloud" presented by David Cumbow, Derek Bergman, Darren Rogers, and Gabe Schuyler


Securing remote workloads with Prisma Access and GlobalProtect is one of the biggest challenges today, especially, with so many people working remotely. Keeping everyone secure is a really big ask, and that's why Palo Alto Networks is here to help.


In this recorded webinar on "Securing Remote Workloads from On-Prem to Cloud," David Cumbow is joined by Derek Bergman, Darren Rogers, and Gabe Schuyler. This webinar is roughly one hour long, and you can learn more about what can be done to address daily obstacles.


Securing Remote Workloads from On-Prem to the Cloud


Q&A From The Webinar

Q: When will Panorama have currently logged in GlobalProtect agents/portal users info? Right now, we have to log in to the firewall directly to view it.
A: Hi Thai, that information is in PAN-OS 9.1 and syncs to Panorama. However, we are still waiting on a TAC recommended version of PAN-OS for 9.1 chain.


Q: Does the firewall need to be on 9.1 as well or just Panorama for that feature?
A: Both would need to be on 9.1 for those logs to sync.


Q: Add-on to Thai's question: Will 9.1 also have that same information synced for Prisma (we don't have it yet but thinking about evaluating)?
A: Prisma Access utilizes the plug-in architecture of Panorama to manage and view the utilization of the 100+ POPs across the world (if you choose to turn them all on). Under this plug-in, within Panorama, you have full visibility of connections and usage of Panorama. Think of it as consolidating this data into a simplified GUI instead of managing 100+ next-generation firewalls.


Q: Can Prisma be configured to not decrypt SSL? We have union employees who we cannot decrypt their traffic based on currently negotiated contracts.
A: Yes, you can control traffic decryption just as you would on a standalone firewall. For all intents and purposes, policy and object creation is exactly the same. We handle the scale, deployment, and networking on the backend.


Q: Is there any cost/benefit analysis available comparing Prisma Access to current GlobalProtect licensing models?
A: LIVE answered


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