September VM-Series and CN-Series Updates

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There’s a lot cooking this month with VM-Series virtual and CN-Series container firewalls: big VM-Series free trial news, loads of optimizations, and more.There’s a lot cooking this month with VM-Series virtual and CN-Series container firewalls: big VM-Series free trial news, loads of optimizations, and more.


We are excited to share this month’s software firewall update starting with news about how we made it even easier for our customers to try out a VM-Series firewall with the newly announced 30-day VM-Series free trial offer. What’s more, we also optimized VM-Series firewalls for NUMA and for Azure Stack, expanded the number of environments that CN-Series container firewalls support, and ensured that CN-Series firewalls secure Amazon EKS on Outposts. 


Free 30-day VM-Series Firewall Trial Now Available


Take the industry’s leading virtual firewall by market share for a no-obligation spin in your virtualized environments. We made it easier to try out VM-Series firewalls in VMware ESXi and Linux KVM environments through our 30-day free trial for VM-Series firewalls. This enables you to validate VM-Series firewalls in your own custom environment and to try our latest security innovations that are built on top of this platform at no cost to you for a period of 30 days. This offer is in addition to the free trial that we offer to our cloud customers through Marketplace listings. 


Optimize VM-Series Firewalls for NUMA and Azure Stack


VM-Series plugin 2.1.2 introduces two new critical enhancements—bootstrapping support for NUMA performance optimization and Azure Stack API endpoint access. NUMA performance optimization helps boost application memory performance. And the Azure enhancement? It’s a big deal if you need to deploy VM-Series firewalls in a high-availability (HA) Azure Stack. Read more about the VM-Series Plugin 2.1.2


Expanded Support for CN-Series Firewalls with Kubernetes 1.21 Qualification


CN-Series firewalls—the industry’s first container firewalls—now support qualified Kubernetes version 1.21 on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Read more about supported environments for CN-Series deployment


Secure Amazon EKS on Outposts with CN-Series Firewalls

Speaking of CN-Series firewalls, check out this announcement about support for these container firewalls on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) running within AWS Outposts. It adds up to meaningful hybrid security and you’ll discover the essentials of container security to make the most of cloud-like capabilities across environments.


Get VM-Series Firewall Support for AWS Wavelength on r5.2xlarge


Having trouble deciding which are the right instances of the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service for scalable computing capacity so that you can securely launch virtual machines? Look no further. VM-Series firewalls for AWS Wavelength now support new r5 instance types in all available regions using the enhanced networking adapter (ENA). Check out this VM-Series Models on AWS EC2 Instances chart for a helpful, visual explanation.


Speed Up Your VM-Series Firewall Implementation and Management in NSX 3.2.3


Stay current with Security for network virtualization. The just-released Panorama plugin for VMware NSX 3.2.3 provides a number of fixes for VM-Series firewalls in these environments and addresses issues found when upgrading previous plugins, overcomes challenges with revision number updates, and resolves web interface displays of the Last Dynamic Update along with many more improvements. Find the full details on the Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 3.2.3 to get started.


Missed Last Month’s Update? Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up.


Did you miss the August 2021 VM-Series and CN-Series update? Take a look and find out why Palo Alto Networks further simplified the VM-Series firewall with NSX-T deployment using a new security-centric workflow. Plus, last month’s edition of software firewall news covers the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) 3.0 plugin, which is designed to simplify the orchestration of scalable firewall stacks in AWS along with more news about virtualized network security.


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