Setting up an IPSec VPN Tunnel

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An IPSec VPN tunnel is used to create a virtual private network between IPSec Gateways.  The tunnel configuration allows you to authenticate and/or encrypt the data as it traverses the tunnel.


When preparing for a site-to-site VPN configuration, both endpoints will have to make several agreements. You first need to negotiate how you will be setting up your tunnel, which protocols to use, and so on.  An IPSec VPN connection needs components like IKE Gateway, Tunnel Interface, agreeing on phase1 and phase2 settings.


What is phase 1What is phase 1


In this video tutorial, Jason Yates from the Global Enablement Team shows you how to set up an IPSec VPN tunnel in under 10 minutes!




Check out our extensive resource list which covers basic - intermediate - advanced topics on IPSec and tunneling:


IPSec and tunneling resource list


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