That’s a Wrap! Thank You for Joining Our First Ask Me Anything (AMA) Event!

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Community Manager

Thanks for joining our first AMA!Thanks for joining our first AMA!


Thank you for joining our very first AMA event, Professional Services — Experts You Can Count On When Protecting Your Business. Now more than ever, digital events are a big part of how we all make connections with one another. Since we recently announced the LIVEcommunity would begin having digital events, there’s been a lot of excitement around them. This was on full display during our first AMA!


By providing interaction while learning, we saw firsthand an increased connection between users and with our professional services experts from the Palo Alto Networks ecosystem. We hope we were able to provide the answers and insights you needed to assist you in adopting our technology in the different stages of deployment. 


Event Recap


Global Practice Lead Dave Delcourt (@ddelcourt) was accompanied by a panel of Palo Alto Networks Professional Services experts to answer community member questions submitted to the event discussion.


I reached out to Dave and he had this to say on behalf of the team:


“This was the first of hopefully many opportunities to engage more closely with our valued customers and trusted partners to share information about how Professional Services can help them be successful. I enjoyed the challenge of the event format allowing any and all questions and look forward to the next one. Thanks to all who participated!”


Below are a few highlights of the questions that were answered:

  • What are the different offerings for the PS Extended Expertise Program and is the consultant remote or on-site?
  • What are QuickStart Services?
  • What is Focused Services? 
  • and more!


Visit the AMA Event Discussion

Although the live Q&A is over for now, you can still visit the discussion. We encourage you to head over to the AMA events area now and, whether you missed it or just want to review, read through all the answers. Here’s the link to the Discussion and those answers begin on page 2.


Please take the time to give the experts some appreciation! Here’s how:

  • Click Like if a post is helpful to you or if you just want to show your support.
  • Click Accept as Solution For those who participated and asked a question, please be sure to review the answer and Accept as Solution. This ensures a response providing a solution is made available to you. It’s important as we strive to give answers to you and the community.


What’s Next?


Join us for our next AMA event on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Cortex Customer Success - XDR Alert Tuning


Be sure to subscribe to the Events page on LIVEcommunity as more information will be shared shortly.


If you have a suggestion for a future AMA topic, please reply below with a Comment with your ideas.


See you next time!

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