The Benefits of Prisma Access Cloud Management

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Too many organizations have fragmented security tools with disparate management solutions. This makes managing secure remote access at scale a headache, with maintaining consistent security policy enforcement feeling impossible. To make matters worse, control over what remote users can access is inconsistent, often differing by location, with users accessing applications from public Wi-Fi and unsecured devices being granted the same level of access as users behind the firewall.


We know it’s more important than ever for organizations to keep mobile users and remote networks secure. Thus, we have an ongoing commitment to improve the management experience so customers can successfully implement Prisma Access to provide enhanced security for their organization – wherever they are.


Prisma Access Cloud ManagementPrisma Access Cloud Management


Prisma Access Cloud Management provides a unified management experience for Prisma Access, delivered from the cloud, for consistent management across the full lifecycle of  deployment – from easy onboarding to day-to-day policy management – all while providing comprehensive visibility and security best practices. Managing secure remote access has never been easier.


The Benefits


Easy Onboarding

Customers can do everything from onboarding mobile users to deploying the network infrastructure to managing configuration for their entire deployment. Streamlined onboarding allows organizations to get more value from day one, with simplified workflows and ready to use out-of-the-box configuration.






Simplified Day-to-Day Configuration Management

Enable security features with ease by efficiently configuring security policies, services, and other capabilities within a single workflow to complete complex configuration tasks. 






Best Practices to Elevate Security Posture

The product continuously assesses your organization’s configuration against security best practices and provides inline recommendations to help improve security posture. 







Prisma Access Cloud Management provides comprehensive visibility across the entire deployment. In the Logs tab, you can view and query across all the Prisma Access logs, including traffic, threat, authentication, and system logs. You can filter on specific entries and view related logs to troubleshoot any issues. The solution also provides proactive health assurance for the entire Prisma Access deployment.  







In the Reports tab, you can view application usage, Prisma Access usage, and user activity reports. You can email or even schedule these reports to share with your stakeholders.  







Insights provides advanced monitoring and comprehensive on-demand visibility into the health of your entire Prisma Access deployment. This allows administrators to pinpoint network and user experience issues – whether caused by end user devices, network configuration, or applications – from a single-pane, cloud-delivered management interface.






Autonomous Digital Experience Management

With Autonomous Digital Experience Management, or ADEM, customers gain segment-wise insights across the entire service delivery path, with real and synthetic traffic analysis that enables autonomous remediation of digital experience problems when they arise.






Get Started

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Cloud Management provides a unified management experience for Prisma Access that is delivered from the cloud, to streamline configuration, security posture, reporting, and digital experience monitoring. With a robust management solution, administrators can easily onboard Prisma Access and implement security controls down to the end user device, network, or application level, no matter where users or applications are located. Organizations can leverage actionable insights to improve security effectiveness, with access to comprehensive visibility into all applications, users, and threats. 


More Information

To learn more about Prisma Access Cloud Management, visit our TechDocs site and view the detailed technical documentation


Questions? Comments? Feel free to use the Comments section below to let us know.

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