The Cortex UX Research Lab Is Seeking Participants

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Announcing the Cortex UX Research LabAnnouncing the Cortex UX Research Lab


Hello LIVEcommunity!


My name is Saul Wyner, Senior Staff UX Researcher for the Palo Alto Networks Cortex team. 


I’m excited to announce that we are currently developing a significant UX research effort, the Cortex UX Research Lab, for all aspects of Cortex. As a part of that, we need you — the user — to help us best understand how people use our products and other security products in the real world, as well as test and give feedback on all manner of in-progress innovations. 


If you are a Cortex user and interested in giving UX/UI feedback, sign up to take part in the Cortex UX Research Lab today!


What is the Cortex UX Research Lab?


The Cortex UX Research Lab is an opportunity to participate in UX research and development for current and future Cortex products.


The Cortex UX Research Lab gives you opportunities to participate in a variety of one-on-one research sessions (usually around 45 minutes) with one of our researchers! You could cover anything product related — usability testing of prototypes. discovery of how you leverage Cortex and other products, feature enhancements, etc.


How can I sign up for the Cortex UX Research Lab?


Simply fill out the Palo Alto Networks UX Research Program Registration Form to be considered for the research lab. It takes less than a minute!.


We'll contact you for any ongoing research projects for which we’d like your help. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, you can email me directly at, or drop a comment below.


Thanks for reading!

— Saul


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