Today is Computer Security Day!

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Today is Computer Security Day, a day to remind us to protect our computers. Every day, computers become faster and more advanced. 


Did you know that this day has been recognized for over 30 years? National Computer Security Day has been observed since 1988, after a cyberattack on ARPANET predecessor to today’s Internet that harmed as many as 10% of all connected computers.


The LIVEcommunity Team here at Palo Alto Networks sends a shout out to all of you who keep organizations, groups, businesses and individuals safe from bad actors wishing to exploit vulnerabilities and cause harm!




More Computer Security Info


To help make sure your computer security is up to date, we have many sessions and trainings you can take advantage of, today or anytime!



  • Ignite '20 may be over, but we're still committed to helping you secure tomorrow, today. There were many great sessions that happened at Ignite 2020 and thankfully they are hosted online for you to go back and watch! The on-demand sessions over 75 of them are available until 12/20/2020. If you log into the Ignite platform, at the top right you can click on the two lines and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Library” to be directed to the recorded sessions that took place earlier in November. 


  • Are you shopping online this holiday season? We know we are! These Cybersecurity Tips from Unit 42 based on the top threats the unit’s researchers observed in 2020 could help you, and other consumers in your organization, to shop safer this year. Feel free to share!


Thanks again to all of you in the cybersecurity field on this Computer Security Day! As always, check out the latest and greatest Discussions on LIVEcommunity, Jump into a discussion or start one of your own to ask questions or share your insights!


Have a great Computer Security Day!

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