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Top 10 Prisma Access ResourcesTop 10 Prisma Access Resources

Palo Alto Networks has sifted through the droves on content to pull out the top 10 most helpful resources for Prisma Access. See how the deployments guides, architectures guides, and specific features can help you find answers on LIVEcommunity!



Top 10 Resources for Prisma Access

Let's face it, your perimeter is everywhere. Under the current circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is now the norm, which requires a whole new level of support. And that means the world you need to secure is also undergoing tremendous transformation. Global expansion, an increased mobile workforce, and cloud computing are shifting, and these changes introduce new opportunities but also create a set of cybersecurity risks.


This is precisely why Palo Alto Networks is working endlessly to meet you where you are to answer your burning questions and concerns. Our goal on LIVEcommunity is to provide the answers you need right now. That's why we wanted to share the top 10 most helpful resources for Prisma Access that was put together by the brilliant minds behind Prisma Access.


1. Prisma Access Administrator’s Guide (Panorama Managed)

The Panorama-managed admin guide for Prisma Access is top-level resource that gives you the option to download the admin guide or search the table of contents in our TechDocs environment. In this resource, you find information about how to use remote networks to secure branches, how to manage multiple tenants, information about how to license and install Prisma Access components, and so much more.


2. Prisma Access Administrator’s Guide (Cloud Managed)

Cloud-Managed Prisma Access—using the new Prisma Access app—gives you a simplified way to interact with and manage Prisma Access. This resource allows you to download the admin guide or search the contents in our TechDocs environment. This resource provides information on how to secure mobile users, how to secure remote networks, how to create Prisma Access policies, and so much more.


3. Secure SD-WANs with Prisma Access

This resource is ideal for your SD-WAN requirements. Here you will find the benefits and security challenges of SD-WANs, how Prisma Access addresses those challenges, and network architectures showing SD-WAN and Prisma Access integration. You will also solution guides for Aruba, Aryaka, Citrix, CloudGenixNuage NetworksRiverbed SteelConnectSilver PeakViptela, and VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.


4. Features supported in Prisma Access (Cloud-managed vs. Panorama-managed)

In this resource you will find specific details about features supported in Prisma Access and a comparison of features between cloud-managed versus Panorama-managed. More specifically, you'll see resources about mobile features, VPN connections (including clientless VPN), GlobalProtect Gateways, and so much more.


5. User-ID and Prisma Access

This resource is small in its description but large in its effectiveness. It shows you how to configure User-ID and user-based policies with Prisma Access, including how to configure User-ID for remote network deployments and how to redistribute User-ID information between Prisma Access and on-premise firewalls.

6. Onboarding Public Cloud Workloads with Prisma Access

This resource will provide resources about how to secure your public cloud deployments with Prisma Access. In those resources you'll find information about onboarding an AWS Virtual private cloud, onboarding an Azure virtual network, and onboarding a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) virtual private network (VPN).

7. Prisma Access for Users - Deployment Guide

This resource is a deployment guide that provides detailed guidance on the requirements and steps to configure Prisma Access to enable secure mobile user access to internet or internally-hosted applications. You will be able to download the deployment guide to explore how to authenticate to Azure Active Directory and how to use static or dynamic routing to connect to your cloud or on-premises based applications.

8. Prisma Access for Networks - Deployment Guide

This resource for networks is a deployment guide that gives you details on the requirements and steps to configure Prisma Access to connect remote sites and enable direct internet access. It also a downloadable doc that provides multiple options with static and dynamic routing and explains how to integrate with User-ID to enable group-based security policies. 

9. Prisma Access for Users - Architecture Guide

This resource is an architecture guide that shows you you how to use the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to secure mobile users as they access applications hosted in the internet or on-premises, regardless of where they connect from. You will also have downloadable access to the document to view design models, including authentication with Azure Active Directory and multiple methods to connect to internal or cloud-hosted applications.

10. Prisma Access for Networks - Architecture Guide

Last but not least, this downloadable resources shows you how to use the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to secure direct internet access for your remote sites. It also design models on how to connect remote networks to Prisma Access with single or multi-homed connectivity and static or dynamic routing.



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