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Video Tutorial: Using Panorama to Import Configurations and MoreVideo Tutorial: Using Panorama to Import Configurations and More


Video Tutorial: Using Panorama to Import Configurations and More

Panorama is one of the most powerful tools that Palo Alto Networks has to manage your security devices. It can be a daunting task when it comes to knowing what to do and how to use it. 


In today's video tutorial, Nick Travis, SLED SE, explains how to import a firewall configuration into Panorama and even how to remove that configuration if needed.


Please watch the video below, or click this link to watch it on YouTube:

Want to give a big thanks to @ntravis for creating this video.


We will continue to bring more Video Tutorials in the future, so please be watching our blogs for them.


More Info

For additional information on importing a firewall into Panorama, please visit the following articles:

How to Perform a Device Config Import Into Panorama 

How do I delete imported configurations from Panorama?

Transition a Firewall to Panorama Management


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