User Lifecycle Management (LCM) Using Cortex XSOAR

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Last month, we told you about TechInsider, a new publication from Palo Alto Networks. The online hub is a great resource for folks looking for additional information on the development of our products, insider knowledge, and more. Recently, TechInsider published a piece called User Lifecycle Management (LCM) Using Cortex XSOAR that shares how Palo Alto Networks (a company with more than 10,000 employees!) leverages Cortex XSOAR for its own Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs.


The process of managing users—such as adding them to the right groups and roles, giving (or removing) proper permissions and access, and more, can be a demanding and error-prone task. But with Cortex XSOAR, you have a framework at your disposal that has pre-integrated connections to more than 750 applications. We recently expanded the platform for Palo Alto Network’s internal use case to effectively perform user lifecycle management (LCM) primarily for:


  • Onboarding: creating the new userID and provision access to target applications as per user role
  • Updating: managing user profile data as per HR source and make sure data is in sync across multiple applications
  • Terminating: disabling userID upon leaving the organization and remove access from applications


In the future, we plan to expand the XSOAR IAM framework to help with our other identity needs in the identity governance and administration (IGA) space. Eager to learn more about User Lifecycle Management (LCM) Using Cortex XSOAR? Check out TechInsider now!


Read more on TechInsider: User Lifecycle Management (LCM) Using Cortex XSOAR.


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