Why Can’t I Login to Prisma SaaS?

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Why Can't I Login to Prisma SaaS?Why Can't I Login to Prisma SaaS?


That’s a pretty good question, and one that we hear often.


The short answer is that new administrator accounts should be provisioned from within Prisma SaaS itself. Setting up a new admin account via the hub will result in a new account on the hub, but not in Prisma SaaS. This is by design. The Prisma SaaS Admin Guide is pretty terrific at describing account creation. 


Another variation on the theme:

“I clicked "Forgot your password" and never received a reset email. Why not?”

You may have an account in the hub or the Customer Service Portal but not on Prisma SaaS. It would be best to work with your company's Prisma SaaS Super Admin to get that account squared away rather than contacting technical support. 


The initial Super Admin for your shiny new Prisma SaaS tenant (I love smell of newly licensed software) is the person who activated it. So if clark@example.com has an account on the Customer Service Portal (CSP) and activates Prisma SaaS with an authcode then, ta-dah, Clark now has a Super Admin account on Prisma SaaS. If sally@example.com also has an account on CSP or the hub, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has an account on Prisma SaaS.


Ready for the cool part?

There is one, honest. Once Sally (our hypothetical CSP user) has an account on Prisma SaaS, her account is linked to both. Pretty cool, right?  Okay, so to summarize: The best way to create new admin accounts for Prisma SaaS is within Prisma SaaS itself. 


Setting up a new admin account from within Prisma SaaS starts at Settings > Application > Admin Accounts.

Prisma SaaS Admin Account ManagementPrisma SaaS Admin Account Management


For more information about Prisma SaaS and join one of our discussions, visit our page on LIVEcommunity: Prisma SaaS Resource Page.


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